Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

My husband, being such a responsible lad that he is, is making a quick stop at his office. Your truly, bored and somehow had an outfit together whille waiting for him to come back, decided that I should take some pictures. I hope y'all are having a relaxed and beautiful weekend.
I just picked up this cardigan from H&M on Friday along with a couple of other items that I can' wait to show you. It was so hard to pick and choose of what I should / can buy versus what I'd like to take home with me. I finally narrowed down to THREE items from probably the TWENTY things that I laid my eyes on and the SIX things that I tried on. Shopping with a selective eye(s) is a hard thing to do.
Being not very crafty, I'm very proud of myself for re-purposing this too-big bracelet into a necklace. In my rule book, now that IS my accomplishment for Labor Day.

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Clara Turbay said...

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