Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The J.Crew effect.

It's a bit on the cold side today in San Francisco. But I won't complain because supposedly this long weekend will be gorgeous! Just like J.Crew catalog. Let's just say I pulled all my J.Crew stops with this outfit. Head to toe, sweater to boots, J.Crew all the way, except for my scarf. Now only if I can get a part-time job there to help pay the clothes bills.


I got these boots on final sales at J.Crew probably 4 years ago and still love them to pieces.


I've been playing around with mixing my nail polishes and this was what I came up with last week out of boredom.



Katherine said...

omg it was so cold on tuesday! I was shivering...at least today it is warmer :) You look very chic..just followed your lovely blog, always happy to see more SFers!

Lauren {love,lulu} said...

cute!!! I LOVE jcrew. seriously, could they be more perfect?! and you look great! :)

Notes She Wrote

Jo said...

I am obsessing over your top <3 The colour suits you oh-so perfectly!

Lost in the Haze

Clara Turbay said...

I really like this post. Please come and check out mine.

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

ugh yes I need a part-time job there too!!

xx Cristina

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness, you look so chic! I love the green on you. That is so your color!

Anonymous said...

I love what Jenna Lyons has done with J.Crew. Receiving their catalog is my favorite time of the month, but my only complaint with J.Crew is that the quality has gone downhill. Nothing is manufactured in the U.S. or Europe anymore except for their shoes.