Friday, August 28, 2009


I love headbands, hats and anything that goes on your head. However, I can't wear them. It's very hard for me to buy hair accessories that suits my face. Trust me, it's not just me. Everyone who has seen me in a hat would agree. After months of searching, I'm still looking for the perfect hair flower and veil for my big day and I think I'm slowly giving up. I bought a couple of things but nothing makes me go Wow yet.

I saw the movie Sweet Home Alabama yesterday for the nth time (not really). I don't know how that happened...but I never noticed Reese Witherspoon's birdcage veil before! I'm sure I saw it, but it didn't ring a bell when I was searching left and right for a veil. I'm in love with it. So pretty and elegant!


I apologize for not knowing the credit for this picture. I was searching in Google but couldn't find a clear image so I ended up going through pages randomly and closed the page by mistake when I found it!

I bought a birdcage veil that I think I can tear a part and reconstruct it to my liking. Yay, another "DIY" project! I will definitely post pictures when I'm done.

P.S.: I'm happy to announce that I completed my first sewing class yesterday. Awesome instructor and I can't wait to practice!

P.S.S.: I'm having a hard time leaving comments for other bloggers at work (shhh). I can type in my comment but when I click on leave comment, it doesn't work. Anyone knows why that happens?

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