Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a beautiful day!

Weather today is just perfect...upper 70s, sunny! We should indulge this day before the stormy weekend arrives.

I don't dislike my current job. There are some aspects of it that I love: I feel challenged (sometimes), I work with really nice group of people (!), the view from my cubicle is really to die for. But I know that this job is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have a great admiration to all the talented artists, musicians, writers and photographers out there. Every time I think that nothing else could top how beautiful something is, I find myself lost for words again. I'm thankful for the World Wide Web for introducing me to so many great people out there. They are my inspirations and constantly remind me of how beautiful life is.

I'm going to a sewing class tonight because of this lady: Thimbly Things


Image from Thimbly Things

I'm going to a photography class because of so many amazingly talented photographers, too many to list. However, I'm listing two now because I was blown away this morning when I saw their latest works. I'm sure if you are like me and go back to look at everything that they did, you will feel the same way.

Visit Kelty at Steep Street musings by Kelty. When I have the funding readily available, I have to have a shoot with her.


Image from Steep Street by Kelty

From all my stalking at Carolina's blog, I know that she was a Physics teacher prior to becoming a photographer. I really hope that one day I will get to ask her about her experiences and if I ever move to California, I will trade anything for a chance to learn from her. For now, I will keep stalking her blog via Carolina Tran's blog


Image from Carolina Tran

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Claire said...

These photos are awesome!