Friday, August 28, 2009

Veil Edit!

So...about 2 hours ago, I was still in love with birdcage veil. But after seeing these images, every thing has changed. How pretty is this bride? This has to be my absolutely most favorite wedding short hairdo, EVER! Simple, gorgeous..and most importantly, this is the elegant version of the bride's daily hair style. My experience tells me that, for your wedding day, if you don't normally have your hair up and don't feel comfortable doing so, DON'T DO IT! I have to learn it the hard way...I know... after reading this tip over and over, I decided to curl my hair for my bridal shoot. Well, I wasn't comfortable and unfortunately, it shows in my pictures =(. Hopefully I will get it right for my big day.

This is the beautiful bride at her rehearsal dinner. (I also love her green blouse)
Pic friends, is what I call PERFECT!


Photography by Benjamin Derkin via With this ring...

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Jen Ing Photography said...

love her simple and elegant hair choice as well!

thanks for stopping by my blog! love the tidbits on yours, so much inspiration :)