Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little Saturday project

I must say that I'm not a very crafty person. However, I've been inspired by many DYI wedding projects that I find myself wanting to try: from wedding invitations, flowers to hair accessories, anything that you can think of. There are so many talented brides in the blog world, it's amazing!

Well, for non-crafty person like myself, where do we go to find hand-made anything? Etsy! Let's us go back for a bit here. My wedding dress is very, very simple. While I love the material, the way it fits, I know I have to add a little something to it. I wanted a sash at first but didn't feel like that was enough. Then I found this picture:


Perfect! It's exactly what I wanted. However, I ran into some challenges trying to find the exact flowers. I posted them on Etsy but all the bids that I got was just close and I didn't want to settle for something close. When you spend hours on Etsy like me, chance is, you will find what you need. Seller Myrakim has been a sensation but I didn't know that when I was clicking through pages, conducting my search for the perfect roses. I remember looking at one of her stunning pieces and knew this was the person that could make my vision come to life. I contacted her immediately and after months of waiting, I got my dress embellishment!


Image via Myrakim

It's even more beautiful in person, I couldn't wait to use it for my bridal shoot. However, when the pictures came back, I realized there was something that I didn't think of. Since the embellishment was attached to the back of my dress, you can hardly see it =(. Hmm, that's not good, is it? It was too big for me move it to the front, what to do now??? After a while, I know the only way that I could make it work for my dress is to separate the flowers and sew them back to a sash.

So, Saturday night was the perfect time for me to be adventurous and testing my very limited crafty skill. Without boring you with all the clumpsy details, tada~! Here is the final result!

new 003

new 004

I love that now I can even use them on my jackets or dresses! Neat, isn't it?

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