Friday, August 14, 2009

Etsy find

I spend a little too much time on Etsy, but then who doesn't? It's really a wonderful place with so many hidden treasures that you can stumble on unexpectedly. My list of favorite sellers is so long now, however it seems like that I'm still adding more and more to it everyday.

My wedding will be in November in Vietnam and the weather could get a little bit chilly. I've been looking for a bridal shrug for a while but everything that caught my attention was kind of outside my budget. I know it's a special day but I don't want to buy too many things that I can use only once. So I determined to find a wrap that I can use again. I found this lovely Etsy seller from one of my daily wedding blogs that I read daily, but guess what? I can't find the originaly post anymore! Well, told you, I need this blog to keep track of my daily find! So please meet the lovely Poketto {pockets of good stuff} all the way from Canada.

This is the description for my piece

"Inspired by an elegant 1940's capelet styled shoulder wrap, the kind my auntie used to wear. It's really glamorous.

Made from a combination of felted knits - soft and fuzzy creamy coloured angora and grey merino. I put details of vintage lace, vintage button, kilt pin and a swatch of faux fur along the neckline."

I love everything vintage, so when I read that, I was sold! When I got the lovely wrap, it's more lovely in person and I can't wait to put it on.


Image via Poketto {pockets of good stuff}

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