Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For the love of lace...

Last time I checked, it was still July. I forgot to breathe and now it's August 1.

I drafted something last week and meant to come back and finished the post last week, aka July. I was talking about my love for lace...If there is one material / look that I could choose to wear forever (I know, a little stretching the fact here), I would go with lace. What else could be so delicate, elegant yet so fun and easy to wear at the same time? One can really dress lace up and down to fit her liking. I recently added a couple of lace pieces to my closet and slowly introduce them to the world without overdosing my colleagues at work. Daily lace could be a bit much, don't you think?


I actually got this FCUK dress for a wedding in the fall but couldn't bring myself to hold on to it for that long so I wore it the very next day I got it in the mail. Kate Middleton recycled all her dresses for events, I think I can do the same thing.

I got my Morse code necklace from COATT a while back and can't seem to take it off


Hope you are having a great start for August!

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