Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday

Friday casual and it's so beautiful out! I'm still processing the fact that it won't be warm in the summer in San Francisco. I'm not complaining that it's never that cold here but then again, I like my hot and humid summer. Speaking of humidity, I'm pretty sure I'm using the wrong kind of shampoo. My hair gets really greasy by noon every day. It's usually at two extreme stage: either too dry or too oily. It probably doesn't help that I blow dry my hair at high heat every morning so I don't look like a wet duck walking to work. I heard people talking about dry shampoo and figured I should give it a go. I marched into Walgreen and got this beauty


Well, after two uses, I have to say it works quite well. I still have to search for that perfect shampoo though. Any suggestion?

Anyway, my outfit today is on a boring side. My scarf is from Gap and I think it matches with my carpet. No?


Have a great weekend everyone! I'm gonna have to try to buy something to dress up my ever-so-boring couch.

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