Thursday, April 15, 2010


Is it really almost the end of the week already? My husband is coming back in two days!!! I feel like I just talked about him being away for 13 weeks yesterday. Time to hide away all my shopping bags, just kidding! Well, not really, I already threw the bags out and all items have been hidden. (I really wish I were joking)

It seems like stripes are making it big (or huge) this summer. It's almost impossible to avoid stripes these day, not that I want to but they are everywhere in the blogging world as well as in stores and I can't get enough of them! My outfit today, minus my shoes, costs me roughly $20.

Skirt: Forever 21 (Clearance for $7)
T-shirt: H&M ($12 for a pack of 2!)
Jacket: The limited (Old and free!)
Belt: Banana Republic (Clearance for about $10)

Boston street style

Walking back to pose...didn't quite make it so there you have my back!
Boston street style

This skirt is too short and I wonder if it's appropriate for an semi-old person my age, your thoughts please? That question leads me to an outfit that I were debating whether or not I should ever wear this style again.

Boston street style

Leggings and long shirt, yay or nay? It's terrifying for me to see young (or not so young) ladies walking around with leggings and a short top. My shirt was quite long but I pulled it down every five minutes just to make sure it didn't roll up while I was walking. I think I know my answer. When something makes me that uncomfortable to wear, it's best that I don't try it again.

Happy Friday everyone!


Elaine said...

I love the first! and I can't believe it was only $20.... I don't think the skirt's too short. I think it helps that you're wearing dark tights!

And yes... I don't like seeing people's bums and all your cellulite! I'm all for leggings and LONG shirts..

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

heart charlie said...

I love your outfit! Those stripes are amazing and classic!

alltumbledown said...

Black tights solve all problems. That is my personal philosophy on life-- and on your outfit, too! Did you feel comfortable in it? Because as you say, there is no point walking around all day and feeling uncomfortable.

Chaucee said...

I think your husband should be impressed that this outfit cost $20! You deserve some more shopping! :D Haha just kidding.

Well I can't really avoid's in my blog name. And i'm sorta obsessed with them : / BUT i fell in love with stripes wayy before they became more popular so that counts for something right? ha