Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday...and Saturday.

I've been spending way too much time and money at H&M. They have the cutest dresses and accessories this season. I normally wear the same outfit for Friday and Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) since I think it's OK to wear your jeans at least....three times(or more) before they go into your dirty laundry basket.

Friday: This outfit was boring in the morning without the scarf. I went to H&M during lunch break and picked this cutest scarf for $6.95 and I waited until I was back to my cube to put it on!

Boston street style

Saturday: Yes, I wore the same things. I went to Gap to donate my old jeans in exchange for a 30% coupon for a new pair. While I was waiting to do so, I saw this studded belt on sale for $10. Well, I think I just created a totally new outfit!

Boston street style


Elaine said...

Those two items just amp up your outfit by x20000!!! I love the leopard print scarf and the pop of bright orange! and I wear outfits twice in a row too.... :D

When are you seeing your husband??

heart charlie said...

I love how simple and comfortable this outfit is! I also love that scarf and belt, such a perfect accent to make the outfit fun, yet still classic! Beautiful!

Martini said...

ooh! great scarf! I was at H&M the other day and contemplated purchasing it. now that i've seen it on you, i may have to go back.