Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's snowing outside.

I got out of work early today, found the highway rather empty because schools were canceled and it wasn't snowing! Those meteorologist overestimated this storm by only 8 inches, an error that I shamelessly took advantage of because all the parents were at home! Please let me enjoy this moment because I just found out that we don't have Presidents Day off (WTH!!!)!

I got this dress a while back from Pinkyotto. It was on sale and I really love the lace design. As you can see from the picture, it's too big for me around the waist area and I struggle to make it work. Normally a belt would work but in this case, the belt would cover the lace. How would you wear it?

Boston street style

Boston street style

I'm wearing a score from The Closet Inc.: a Burberry skirt for $35. I've been looking for a basic black semi-mini skirt for a while. It's funny how sometimes it's really hard to find something so simple: either it was too short, or too cheap looking material, or too expensive. So when I saw this lovely piece, reached out for the size, hold my breath for the price tag and literally ran to the counter as if someone were about to steal it from me. My first trip to this lovely consignment store will not be my last for sure.

Boston street style
Jacket: J.Crew
Skirt: Buberry
Sweater: Gap outlet
Boots: Chinese Laundry (Love!)


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

you could get the dress altered at the waist--that might make it easier to wear...or you could beat it up higher.
and i LOVE your blazer in the second picture. love it!

Diya said...

I usually make dresses that are too pretty but look awkward into a skirt or a blouse...

btw please take a couple secs to check out my blog... it's new and it would be much appreciated!

Elaine said...

I agree with WWaNW.. You should get the drop waist to be higher up. And to show off your hot legs!!! ;) And I'm absolutely loving your outfit in the second picture! $35 Burberry skirt??? SCORE!

heart charlie said...

WHOA!!! I can't believe you got that Burberry skirt for $35!! You are an amazing shopper and I salute your brilliance :) I also love that outfit, the jcrew blazer with the piping is gorgeous. You have a great and unique way of putting clothing together and I love it!