Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So today post consists of pictures that were taken over the weekend.

First topic, more like another question to you guys: what do you think of this bag? Is it too big for me? Your opinions are much appreciated. Thank you!



Second topic: I have a couple of new purchases in spite of the fact that I told myself not to buy anything. I figure the sale was good so it's OK for me to get them.

I got this long vest from Off Fifth Avenue for $30, a bit too much but considering that the original price was $115...I figure it's ok and I wanted to buy a vest like this for a while, I'm thinking of layering it outside my dresses!


I also got these shoes for $20, they are Steve Madden and quite comfortable. I go through a pair of flats in about two months so when I see cheap flats, I'm buying them!


Lastly, my outfit today! I'm trying to mix thing up for this outfit by adding a couple of flowers pin to the sweater. I don't like the grey shirt underneath though. What do you think of the combination and what would you do to fix this look?

P.S.: I wore grey tights but took them out before I got to take these pictures.



annie said...

I love your last outfit!! So cute. As for the bag, size wise I'd say yeah, it looks too big, but style wise no. I have a friend that is tiny and carries a HUGE bag. I think its really cute. Yep. That's my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you noticed - but the camera flash has rendered your shirt a bit see-through.

I wasn't looking to see anything, I just noticed some random pink tones and realized that there was a distinct shape there on either photo. If you don't believe me, you can also see a clearly defined pant-line where your pants end.

To some people, this isn't a big deal. But if you are a person who cares, I'm the type of friend that would point it out early to save you the embarrassment.

!Tb0n3! said...

Thank you Anonymous whoever you are!