Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A moment of No-No!

This post is to address a GREAT comment that I got earlier. I have to say, when I first read anonymous comment, my ears got red and hot because I was SO embarrassed. I know exactly "Anonymous" talked about. I noticed it too when I first posted the pictures but was too careless to do anything to them. I have to admit, I don't spend anytime trying to retouch pictures on my blog. Plus, remember Sex and the City? Bra straps were exposed every five minutes or so. However, I KNOW that Sex and the City does NOT make exposed straps OK or any part of your bra for that matters. And yes, the flash does make it look worse than it was in person and I was running late. No excuse! So lesson learned! I really appreciate your comment anonymous. It actually makes me happy because I know that someone out there cares enough about me to make that SWEET comment. Constructive criticisms, thank YOU and please keep them coming!

I edited those pictures and hope that they are OK to look at now. If not, let me know, I will remove them or try working on my very limited Photoshop skill.

My outfit today was inspired by what Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore had on yesterday. Perfect to the T! I'm still taking baby steps in learning how to combine colors so this is what I came up with...

purple tights

purple tights

purple tights

Tights: Express
Dress: Gap
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West
Scarf: From Vietnam


Elaine said...

(We all have those incidents!!! ;))

I love it! The tights with those shoes is so classy!

!Tb0n3! said...

Oh dear, thank you, you are always perfect though!