Friday, January 22, 2010

Casual Friday!

I live for casual Friday in the winter. While I love being in dresses and pretty blouses, jeans are perfect when I have to walk through a wind tunnel to get to work everyday. Today outfit was nothing special: my jeans and...Converse All Star, it's as comfortable as I can get without looking inappropriate for the office =p.


So I wore this below outfit about two weeks ago. I took some pictures but never posted. When I looked at them again today, I don't like it at all, so...question for you all! How would you fix this look, or what can I add to make my outfit more intersting? I know one thing that I will do next time is to lose the belt!



Anonymous said...

so, I'm new to your blog. :) I really like your outfit! I've been wanting to switch up my style a bit, and your ideas are perfect for me!

Elaine said...

Hi T! :)

Jeans and converse...they never fail!

As for the second, it looks to me like the dress is an A-line dress. If it is, I would wear a shrug to show off the figure!