Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off day

I woke up today not knowing what to wear except that I wanted to wear my pink trench coat, 4 year old I think. I ended running late, grabbing the first thing I saw that didn't require ironing: my red jersey dress. Umm, pink and red? No...? Well, I made sure to button the coat up so peple wouldn't notice that I had a red dress underneath.

Let's talk about the coat: I lost the belt somewhere so I used one of my belts instead but I don't think it was right. What kind of belt would you use to bring this coat back to life? More importantly, do you dislike it? I know after seeing this picture, I might not wear it again.

1027 1
(bad picture again, I know!)

I normally stay way from jersey dresses because I feel like they are too thin. I bought this one because it was on super sale and I love the bunchings around my waist. I'm not, however, comfortable wearing it alone so I always need a cardigan to cover my behind =).


1027 2

Thumb down for bad quality pictures!

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Elaine said...

I am dying over your coat!!!! I think you should wear it again! Maybe a black belt?? But the thing with belted coats is they often sag in the back if you don't use it so you have to have it belted all the time or you'll lose your belt! So I think a sash would work. You could tie a bow in the back with it! Hope this helps :)