Monday, October 26, 2009

A feel-good Monday and a special tribute!

I hope you all had a good start of the week. The weather was exceptional nice in Boston, amazing since it was snowing last Sunday!

Now on the the special tribute: I've been reading Elaine's blog for the past couple months. She is cute as a button and one of the nicest people! Elaine is rocking her blazers for so many different looks and I'm totalling loving them all. I was looking to buy a new boyfriend blazer but after stalking Elaine's closet, I've decided to look around mine to see if I can come up with the look I wanted without spending some serious cash! Then I remember this jacket that my aunt bought for me when I first graduated from college. It's a size bigger than my normal size and seemed way too long at the time so I never wore it until today! I'm proud to be one of Elaine's many followers, so this look is for you, Elaine! Sorry for the poor quality pictures, the sun didn't wait for me to get home from work!

One of Elaine's signature looks: scarf and blazer!

1026 1
Without scarf.


I love these boots, I got them on sale last season from J.Crew. They are so comfortable and I can wear them with so many things!


Elaine said...

Yay for outfit posts!! I'm totally loving this! And I like that you mixed black and brown :D I've been trying to not be so matcy matchy...haha And those BOOTS!!!! I love!!

rachel said...

Ooh, I love this look + the boots! I'm becoming a total J.Crew junkie... I don't even want to look at my credit card bill for this month.