Friday, September 4, 2009

Bolero done perfectly!

I don't have much to say except that this bride looks amazing in her red bolero. She also has a lovely blog that I think I will read through to find where she got it from. I know a couple of Esty sellers that make the same style. Let's see if I get it right. =)

*FOUND IT!, I was right, just get comfirmation from another of my favorite blogs, Vintage Glam Wedding. Long story short, I found Sarah Neal site via Steep Street by Kelty. Then I went to visit Vintage Glam Wedding. , there it was, the answer to my doubt!

Bolero from Etsy Bonzie's shop. I think the seller should seriously consider asking to use this picture instead.

**CORRECTION**: Cori, the lovely bride stopped by and let me know that the bolero is actually from this Etsy seller for half the price instead: maryandangelika. Thank Cori!!



Images by Sarah Neal


the southern hostess said...

Such a great look! I love it.

Antonio Barros said...

Lovely pics!!!!

Elaine said...

The bolero is PERFECT. I love the deep red. I wish I had more time to plan my wedding. Or plan it myself really. You're so lucky you can think things through!!! when is your wedding???

Cori Jessy- August and Everything After said...

Hi, I'm the bride featured in this wedding. You almost had it right, the bolero is actually from a different etsy store which you can find here:

A woman in Israel made it, she has a shop called maryandangelika. She did an amazing job and it was a dream to wear.

Thanks for the lovely compliments!