Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kate Towers

There is a city that I must visit when I can travel. Take a guess my friends. No, it's not California, Chicago, not even Europe thou that is also in my top list. It's Portland, Oregon. I'm sure that you don't find it strange if you spend tons of time roaming through Etsy or the fashion blog world. I can easily name at least 10 of my favorite artists that are now based in this charming city.

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Kate Towers is designer that I've discovered a while ago and now I'm dreaming to own one of her pieces. Luckily for me, she has an Etsy store that I can't wait to purchase from once the shop is replenished.

Everything about this piece is perfect! I especially love the puffy sleeves!


Images from Kate Towers

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UnoCosa said...

love the dress from kate - truly beautiful and magic.