Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspiration Board with my wedding's actual venue.

There is one thing in my wedding that I'm SUPER excited about besides marrying my fiance: the Venue. Let's just say that I luck out and have a great venue without paying an arm and leg for it. I'm proud to have some talented relatives in the family, sadly I'm not part of that cool group.

The restaurant was designed by my uncle, who is also the architect and construction engineer for all of our homes in Vietnam. My aunt decorated it with random things she found by, sometimes, wandering into strangers' houses during her trips to the villages. It was my first choice of venue and it's an honor for me to be able to have my wedding there.

I'm not decisive at all when I needed to pick a theme. I don't know what I want: classic, elegant, modern or rustic. I know that I need a theme that works with all the venue's decorations as it would be a shame if we can't incorporate them. You will see that modern decoration doesn't quite fit. Contemporary is also not working. That leaves me, or so I think, rustic and vintage. Another detail that is also very important: everything has to be doable and practical in Vietnam. I'll go into Vietnamese wedding culture in the future.

Well, this board is dedicated to my cousin, who is my wedding planner. Luckily, I'm her third brides. I hope that she will do all her trial and error with the first two so my wedding can be perfect. I'm just kidding!!! I don't pay her anything so I can't really complain that she hasn't started working on anything yet.

(Please click on picture for bigger image =) )

Pictures credit (from left to right)
Row 1: Antique piano by Suthi Picotte via Style Me Pretty * My venue!!, picture taken by my sister =) * Floral arrangement by Myrtle & Marjoram via Style Me Pretty
Row 2: Antique Vespa, picture taken by my sister * Wedding cake by Jamee Photography via Style Me Pretty * Cocktail by Myrtle & Marjoram via Style Me Pretty * My venue, picture take by my sister
Row 3: Cinnamon candle holder from here via Weddingbee * Initials from Twig & Thistle via Weddingbee * Picture frames by Tec Petaja via Once Wed

Yes, there will be an antique piano and vespa. Actually, they are already there. SCORE!

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