Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FCUK Sale!

I haven't visited French Connection store for a while. Last time I was there, the brand gave me an impression of overpriced trendy clothes. Not that I don't love all the new trends, I can't really afford to buy clothes that I can only wear for one season.

When I was at the mall last week, FCUK's big blue Sale sign caught my attention. I stopped by and was pleasantly surprised at their collection. Sale racks were full with lovely dresses which were once overpriced. I live in dresses so of course, I felt right at home. I tried on a couple of them but only walked out with this lovely "Spring Frills" dress: from $178, now $49.99! (Machine wash, double YAY!)

spring frills

I love this dress in all colors but they didn't have my size in store. FCUK.com has it available still but I'm not the biggest fan of shipping so I think I'll pass for now. Meet Miss Lancelot dress: from $188, now $79.99.

lancelot dress

I also adore Miss Sunburst, from $198 to $59.99. I can totally wear this alone for the Summer, then with leggings or even skinny jeans (depending on how long this looks on me) when Fall come.

sunburst dress

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