Friday, August 5, 2011

Swap me some pleats

I've been meaning to show off the skirt that I got from the Swap event a while back and finally did it this week. The skirt was actually c/o Lulu*s and I think it was just there waiting for me. Seriously, I wanted a pleated skirt for so long and couldn't believe no one took it before I got to the rack.


White lace could be tricky to wear because I often feel like it's too bridal-ish looking for everyday wear. Of course the statement is incorrect because I see bloggers are rocking this look so well. One of my favorite has to be this outfit by Khatu.


And to say that I didn't copy the sweater from Kathleen is a semi lie. :)

P.S.: A big thank to my sister for sending me some lace blouses :)


Kathleen said...

Ha ha, yellow tops unite! :)

I love the skirt you found!! It seriously was just waiting for you, dodging all those other girls.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. The camera i use is a Nikon D3000. I also use Picnik to put some fancy filters on my pics, etc. It makes it more fun.

Hope you are doing great!! :)

Carlina said...

Hi there! love love love the cute outfit mix up, pleats and lace are awesome!! Also that table cover up is too cute! Bummer I couldn't make it out to the Lulu's swamp, heard it was a good time :)

p.s email me, I have an fashion testing opportunity for you! (couldn't find your email on here)

xo Carlina