Friday, June 24, 2011

Strange much?

I did a couple of things that I don't normally do. I went to a clothing swap event. Beause I thought it might be a good way to meet people when you first moved to a new city. It was a good way and I'm glad that I went. The items that I got were pretty sweet but meeting super cute and nice ladies is much sweeter. Like icing on the cake. How do you meet people when you move? Do share because I'm clueless.

I also stopped blogger(s) to tell them how much I loved their blogs because it' so normal to follow a pretty lady around the room or a Zara store and started talking to them. No?


I think it's best if I kept the price that I paid for my clothes among you guys and I. My aunt doesn't need to know it. Because really, who would want to know that I paid 1/10 of what she spent on the same skirt? Would you mind?


I plan one outfit quickly before I go to bed everyday. However, I picked two skirts for yesterday outfit because they were hung next to each other in my closet and I wasn't sure how colorful I'd like to be in the morning. Deep thought for 11 p.m., you think?


Purple skirt next week?

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Amy said...

Yay! You found me! ;) So glad we got to meet! The swap was a ton of fun (albeit a little bit scary!). I totally agree that meeting new people was even more fun than the actual swapping. I'm really digging that purple skirt! I can't wait to see what you will do with the awesome pleated black skirt you found at the swap too. The possibilities are endless! (I may be slightly jealous of your find! ;)
Let's for sure keep in touch!