Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi all!

It's April and the weather is treating us nicely with temperature climbed to 89 degree today! I wish I could say that it was the reason I haven't posted but unfortunately it is not the case. I'm still waiting to get my car back and hope that my insurance will cover everything. The initial appraisal seems to be a bit lower than the actual cost as more damages were discovered when they took the car apart. Well, not the whole thing but just the front of the car. Car is kind of too complicated for me to know what is what so all I'm doing right now is waiting and driving my fancy rental.

So this will be another long post of accumulated pictures.

Boston street style

I can't remember when the outfit was from. This sweater was an XX(X)L from J.Crew kid's section. The dryer must have shrunk it a bit so it looks short on me but when I first bought it, it was perfect fit! The skirt was a score from Anthropologie. I will be very sad if one day I'm moving to a city that doesn't have an Anthropologie store since the prices of the Sale section online are still way too high most of the time and I refuse to pay for shipping whenever I can.

Boston street style

These four-year-old jeans are my favorite from Gap. They are a little bit tight right now but as long as I can button them, I will determine to make them fit! My T-shirt is from J.Crew for free. J.Crew sent my best friend a $50 gift card and I still don't understand why she couldn't find anything to buy and gave it to me. I always wanted a cool looking leather jacket that doesn't cost a fortune. H&M (again!) came and delivered!

Saturday and Monday
Boston street style

Last Saturday was the beginning of all the warm weather that we've been getting lately. I couldn't remember when the last time I was outside without a jacket, last September?? I was definitely enjoying my Spring time! H&M shirt dress was BOGO and belt was on clearance at Anthropologie for $9.99. One of the best things about Massachusetts is that there is no sale tax for clothing items under a certain price, $200 I believe. So when things cost $9.99, they really are! I got my penny back! Monday was chillier but all I needed to step outside was to add a sweater and a pair of leggings and I was good to go. This is my most favorite outfit of the week!

Saturday and Monday
Boston street style

These leggings are also free from my credit reward with Banana Republic. Although they are petite, they are still long for me but super comfortable to wear. I'm hoping after a couple of sessions in the dryer, they will fit me better. By now, I'm thinking about calling H&M a different name. It wasn't my intention to wear something H&M everyday, it really just happened! I couldn't find a sweater to wear with this H&M dress but it was warm enough for me to only need my crop Tuxedo Armani|Exchange jacket.

I was going to post my outfit from today but it's getting uncomfortable to keep saying H&M so until tomorrow everyone! Have a lovely rest of the week!


Elaine said...

T, you've been looking amazing lately! I love all of these outfits. I want to steal'em all! Especially the $10 dress from Anthro!!!! Lucky girl!!!!!!!!

Enter to win a William Riera dress!

I am Khatu said...

love the color of that sweater. I shop in the kids department too. :)