Friday, April 9, 2010


I had a slow day at work, too slow it make me do crazy looking online for things that I shouldn't and hit that buy button a little bit too quickly. My outfit was planned last night before I went to bed. I hardly do that even though I should since it would save me at least five minutes in the morning. I'm embarrassed to say that five minutes make a big different if you see me chasing the train, looking not very ladylike sometimes.

Boston street style

I don't think I ever included my bags in the pictures here, probably because most of my pictures are taken indoor so I think it looks silly to include bags. I also have to admit that I have a thing for designer bags and this is one of them. It was bought in London two years ago because British pound hit it low point so I saved at least 25% having my cousin got it for me there. I have a couple of others that I also scored from Ebay or some other trusted websites. I try to make sure that they are all classic styles and got it authenticated especially buying from Ebay. I got scammed once and although I got my money back, it was still such a horrible experience that I never want to repeat.

Boston street style

I got these jeans on sale last week from J.Crew. I bought them because I love the ankle zipper! In fact, Gap is having them on Clearance but I'm not very lucky this time, my size is sold out. But if you are tall, check these skinny ankle zipper jeans out here, they have plenty of sizes left!. For the longest time, I can't find anything to wear with this jacket. I don't wear much white or cream color, I'm too clumsy for them. But at $12.99 at Anthropologie and motorcycle style, I couldn't pass it up. By loading the rest of my outfit with darker colors, I finally find a comfortable way to wear this jacket.

My flats are also from J.Crew. I got them last year and wore them almost everyday last summer. Unless there are visible holes, I'm not planning to let them go anytime soon because they are sooo comfortable!! I don't know who make my stripe sweater, I took the tag out while removing the price tag...It has a really cute sleeve detail that you will see when I wear it alone. Lastly, I don't wear this watch quite often but I love it! My best friend got it for me last year after seeing me drooling at the counter, trying to talk myself out of buying it. She must have felt sorry for my little act and got it for me as my engagement present. I think she just needed an excuse to do it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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