Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Very, very belated Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know, I have tons of excuses but biggest one is my laptop charger died on me and work was just super crazy so I couldn't post there either. I hope everyone had a super nice Holiday and great start for 2010! Crazy, I can't believe this is my third decade on Earth, no...I'm not 30s yet though =).

I have an outfit to post but until I can get my act together and unload my camera...I still owe people my wedding pictures, I think my friends gave up on ever seeing those. Gosh, talking about motivation! But then, I signed up for the gym and have gone twice since 01/01/10! Go me!

Have you since the new ads for Burberry? Why haven't I bumped into Emma Watson around Brown? After seeing this, I'm very close to wondering around my neighborhood to look for her.


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