Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The perfect bag

I normally carry half of my apartment with me to work daily so my work bag are mostly huge. The fact that I could easily fill up a large Longchamp Pilage is to show you I have a massive amount of junk and I don't know why. So I had this idea last week that I wanted a large leather bag as my work bag to replace my beloved Longchamp sometimes. I searched and bought a bag that was way over the budget and I didn't even love it that much, I just needed to buy something that day. Well, it's going back for sure after I spot all these absolutely-to-die-for bags on Etsy. Sorry Etsy, after three weeks, I did forget to check your inventory, bad bad me!

The bag that reminds me Etsy is one of the best places to shop!
110209 2
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Then my heart stopped for three seconds when I saw these in my favorites!!! From Etsy seller Valhallabrooklyn,
110209 2

The winner!
110209 2

Description from the seller, yes, I love it that much, I already could feel how soft the leather is...
"Lynx bag in distressed burgundy red cow hide
wider than the usual Lynx bag, so extra roomy!
Hide has a great speckled finish (click on pictures for detail)
Beautiful fall color!
3 external pockets on front, to keep smaller items handy and organized
brass hardware

Top of bag closes with a zipper which opens up completely and leaves
gaps at both ends when fully closed (see picture 3)
-Inside is lined with Japanese fugu fish printed cotton
2 inside pockets
Clip on shoulder strap measures: 35.5"

17" wide x 5.25" deep x 12.5" tall
-Handles are 20.25" long"

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Work With What You've Got said...

Gorgeous!~ I love a good leather Etsy bag!~