Friday, October 9, 2009

Have a great weekend!


Yesterday was my birthday. Whoohoo! No...I wasn't that excited. I spent my day at work, trying to hide the fact that it was my birthday but my co-worker tricked me into showing him my license a couple of days earlier when I refused to tell him when it would be. So I got a semi-surprised cake. Well, I knew that when a couple of them left in the middle of the day, they were up for something. I ate my cake and watched this video.

About the top picture: I took it for my photography class. I wanted to take picture of people but was too shy to ask anyone so I ended up...shooting from my window at work. Go me!

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Elaine said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day!!!! And that's nice of your co-worker to get you a cake! :)