Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ann Taylor

When I first entered the workforce and was able to shop for my own clothes, Ann Taylor was my frequent stop: blouses, dress pants, pretty wool skirts, you name it, anything that was on sale in the store, they were my grown up clothes! Then the brand lost me for some years after that, clothes were boring, overpriced...

So when I saw these shoes, I made a mental note for myself to visit Ann Taylor. I was at the mall last week and saw this jacket:


It was so, so beautiful in person! I touched, sighed and left. Maybe when it goes on sale that I can buy it. I can imagine myself wearing for years to come.

The website also got an make over, I love the way they list everything thumbnail style, pardon my choice of words, I think that's what its' called (?). Look at the shoes section!


Back to jackets...pretty!!



Ann Taylor

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