Monday, September 28, 2009


After a wet Sunday, we get the sun back today and have some perfect fall-like weather. You probably think that I talk to much about the weather but after having a horrendous summer and winter, I really long for some sunny, cool days around here.

The only thing that makes me look forward to Monday is...the return of Gossip Girls. Please don't judge me for this little guilty pleasure. Although I can't watch them on Monday until after October, I still find it comforting that the new episode will be aired and I then can catch up on CW. I'm so thankful for this lovely feature!

I'm taking it slow in the office today and decided to check out Anna Sui's collection for Target inspired by GG. There are some good pieces but overall, I don't think I'm impressed.

I really like this dress


and this one

Something for the Fall


But for $59.99 a piece, I think I will pass.

I'm also confused by this "shirt"


Buy them at Target

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Anonymous said...

i was SUPER excited for this line to launch, but once i saw it in person i wasn't too impressed. the $60 price tag didn't exactly help the situation, either ;-)