Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little White Dresser.

My obsession with hair accessories tells me that I should add another piece to my unworn collection...But you can't blame me for wanting one of these beauties, you know you want them too.



This really cute belt would instantly update any dress or add some sparkles to your wedding dress.


All from Little White Dresser found via Something Old, Something New

(Wedding registry @ Etsy never sounds better, but then all we (I) are getting will be hair accessories and dresses)


Elaine said...

Hahahaha, loved your little comment at the end! And that belt is so gorgeous. It really would change the feel of a dress entirely! Love it!

Cori Jessy- August and After said...

I LOVE that last belt. I'd wear that beauty everyday!

perfect bound said...

I normally don't go crazy over hair accessories but for that one, I would. And the belt. So my style.