Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Etsy love - HanamiGallery

I get excited every time I stumble on a new favorite Etsy store. I read their profiles to learn about their styles, click through their current stocks as well as their sold items. I also like to check out their store policies and ratings, and if they have personal blogs, I visit them too. Does that make me sound like a stalker?

When I found out that Sarah has her Etsy store, I got super excited because it's not everyday that I know someone personally on Etsy. I, of course, did my normal routine of reading, checking...and adding her on Facebook. I also wish that my fiance had shown me her work couple of months ago. (Sarah's fiance and mine are colleagues!)

My ability to fold anything stops at...paper plane so when I see these beautiful flowers, I love!!

"Tsumami Kanzashi - Is a Japanese art where hair decorations (kanzashi) are made by pinching (tsumami) pieces of silk to form a 3D shape. I refer to it as origami for the hair. Traditionally kanzashi are worn for weddings and
by entertainers (geisha)."
~ Sarah ~

Here are some of my favorites!

Gold Threaded Sweet Kanzashi


Orange Burst Silk Kanzashi

You are a Star Kanzashi


Calm down Jack!

Visit Hanami Gallery to find your favorite and get to know Sarah through her work.

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